Past events

Past events

Since July 2012, ICORSA has participated and contributed to the following events:

* European Intersectoral Summit on Research and Innovation (Dublin)
* Irish Presidency Forum on Research Careers (Dublin)
* European Science Foundation – Developing Research Careers In and Beyond Europe (Oslo)
* European Network on Research careers (Brussels)
* EURAXESS Conference – Raising Researchers’ Voices (Brussels)
* Lithuanian Presidency Conference – Invest in Researchers (Vilnius)

In November 2013, ICoRSA held its first AGM, at the Vitae Research Staff Conference: “Inspired Futures” (Birmingham), during which the Memorandum & Articles of Association were signed.

Later the same month, ICoRSA participated to the World Science Forum (Rio de Janeiro) and in collaboration with WAYS (World Association of Young Scientists) organized a parallel session and workshop about the overproduction of young researchers and ways to mitigate this issue.

Since, ICoRSA participated in the following events:

  • ESOF (EuroScience Open Forum)2014: 21-26 June, Copenhagen.
  • ENRC – Brussels, September 2014
  • Science Europe – Brussels, September 2014
  • ICoRSA AGM – 26, 27 Oct 2014, St Johns Canada.
  • Vitae Researcher forum – 13 Nov 2014, Bristol , UK.
  • WSF – Nov 2015, Budapest, Hungary.