13 January 2024 News

ICoRSA Annual General Meeting held: New Board and strategic planning for the future

ICoRSA hosted its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday, January 13, 2024. The closed-door event was exclusively for ICoRSA members, facilitating joint discussions and strategic planning for the organisation’s future. A key focus of the AGM was the election of the ICoRSA Board of Directors for the upcoming year.

Global Initiatives and Collaborations

Noteworthy 2023 developments include intensified collaboration with UNESCO on its RS|SR Indicators Framework initiative. ICoRSA officials, recently met with UNESCO Officer Carl Vannetelbosch to discuss the indicators. As part of the new consultation process, UNESCO will conduct a workshop for ICoRSA members to present the current framework. This initiative aligns with ICoRSA’s commitment to play a pivotal role in global research and science policy.

Additionally, ICoRSA has started collaboration with African partners, signalling the organization’s expanding global reach.

Changes in Board and Personnel

The meeting also witnessed a seamless transition in leadership as the board members stepped down, making way for election of the 2024 Directors.

All nominations, including self-nominations, were welcomed and required to be submitted, along with a letter of interest emphasising motivation to contribute to ICoRSA. Members held the right to vote, and the voting process took place during the AGM.

ICoRSA Finance and Administration Officer Dragana Mitrovic announced her resignation prior to the AGM, effective May 2024. During the AGM, the directors expressed gratitude for her dedicated service over the past four years.

The AGM served as a platform for board members and member organisations to decide on the future Board and Strategic Plan for 2024.

AGM Presentation

Our new chair of ICoRSA is Gianna Avellis, a renowned researcher, serving as a leader in Innovapuglia SPA, Valenzano, Bari, Italy. With a background in Software Engineering, Multimedia Educational Software, and Mobile Telecommunications, Gianna has played an important role as a project manager in various European projects. Her responsibilities include evaluating and monitoring research projects for SMEs in the Apulia region, funded by EU ERDF. ICoRSA congratulates Gianna on her new position within the organisation. Dr. Avellis has served as on the Board of Directors since 2014 and ensures continuity as well as renewed leadership.

We express our gratitude to Dr. Gordon Dalton for his invaluable contribution as founding leader in advancing ICoRSA to the stage of successfully implementing numerous EU-awarded projects: RRING, GRRIP, MUSICA, OPUS, SECURE, H2HEAT, and others.

The ICoRSA team extends a special thank you to Dr. Silvia Vilches, Dr. Rosarii Griffin, and Dr. Erna Karalija for their invaluable contributions as Board Members. Their expertise has significantly enriched our collective efforts during their previous mandate.

We welcome our newly appointed board members:

  • Dr Gianna Avellis elected new Director of ICoRSA
  • Dr Silvia Vilches elected Vice-Chair of ICoRSA
  • Dr Rosarii Griffin re-elected as Secretary of ICoRSA
  • Dr Erna Karalija re-elected Treasurer

Additionally, it was proposed to include a representative from each Research Staff Association (RSA) in the Board Directors’ meetings. The representatives from the following RSAs have accepted this invitation, while ANICT will consult with membership:

  • Dr. Michael Creane: IrishRSA
  • Dr. Henny Bennette: CAPS-CSPP
  • Dr. Alison Tidy: UKRSA

ICoRSA Research Staff Associations Members Unveil Initiatives to Tackle Research Precarity in Their Countries

AGM provided a dedicated space for members to engage in discussions regarding researchers’ career frameworks and precarity. ICoRSA Research Staff Associations members ANICT, NInTec, VITAE UKRSA, ItalianRSA, IrishRSA, CAPS/ACPP, UCCRSA presented their main activities during the AGM, with a particular emphasis on initiatives aimed at addressing research precarity in their countries.