MUSICA project: Multiple Use of Space for Island Clean Autonomy

The project commenced in January 2019 with 15 partners

MUSICA aim is to accelerate the roadmap to commercialisation of its Multi-Use Platform (MUP)

ICoRSA leads the creation of the quadruple helix for the island of Oinousses and the implementation of responsible research


The Aim of MUSICA will be achieved by developing a replicable smart Multi Use Platform (MUP). MUSICA project has developed a replicable smart multi-usage of space (MUS) platform for the concurrent use of three types of renewable energy – wind, PV and wave – at small islands. This will also contribute to the advancement of a successfully tested multi-use platform (MUP). This will offer a one-stop decarbonising shop for the islands that includes on-site energy storage, modelling and forecasting, desalination, and so-called green services to support aquaculture. Small islands will now be able to take optimal advantage of limited space and staff while MUSICA will provide a full suite of solutions for ‘Blue Growth’ that are not cost-prohibitive. This is also one of the reasons why MUSICA will be one of the flagship projects of the European Green Deal. ICoRSA is in charge of developing the Quadruple Helix of stakeholders for the island location. ICoRSA members participated at the successful kick-off meeting in January 2020 in Greece while visiting the site location at the island of Inousses.

More information of the MUSICA WEBSITE.

Multi Use Platform on Oinousses

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