2019: EU H2020 SwafS5

GRRIP = Grounding Responsible Research and Innovation in RPO

The project commenced in January 2019 and is a 4 year CSA, with 12 partners.

ICoRSA leads the organisation of the creation of the quadruple helix


GRRIP aims at embedding Responsible Research & Innovation into the governance framework of five marine and maritime institutions by engaging academia, industry, policy, and society and aligning its implementation to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to leave a continuing legacy that will enable more marine and maritime institutions to ground these practices in the context of an RRI community centred on the Blue Economy. ICoRSA is actively participating in WP3 “Statement of the Art on RRI Action Plans and quadruple helix dialogue platforms”, WP4 “Quadruple Helix engagement” and WP5 “RPO & RFO Working Groups setup, and audit and impact assessment of RRI maturity”.

More information on the GRRIP WEBPAGE

GRRIP - Grounding Responsible Research and Innovation Practices in Research Performing Organisations