15 January 2024 News

The New Chair of ICoRSA

We are excited to introduce Gianna Avellis, a distinguished leader in ICT, Consulting, and Technical Assistance, as the new Chair of ICoRSA. Gianna brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our organisation.


Gianna Avellis as a new Chair of ICoRSA will foster Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in the association and its RSAs to close the gender gaps. Her aim is to enlarge the number of RSAs of ICoRSA, especially in Africa as well as Asia with a new membership programme. She assessed the RRI pillars including Open Access, Gender Equality, Ethics and Research Integrity, Public Engagement and Science Education in EU project MUSICA and will extend the Self Assessment Tool (SAT) to the EU projects of ICoRSA and others.

Gianna Avellis is a renowned researcher in ICT, currently serving as a leader in Innovapuglia SPA, Valenzano, Bari, Italy. With a background in Software Engineering, Multimedia Educational Software, and Mobile Telecommunications, Gianna has played a pivotal role as a project manager in various European projects. Her current responsibilities include evaluating and monitoring research projects for SMEs in the Apulia region, funded by EU ERDF.

Gianna’s extensive career spans 30 years in industrial research, including 2 years at Imperial College, Department of Distributed Software Engineering, London, UK, funded by a Marie Curie fellowship. She has contributed around 80 papers to conferences and peer-reviewed journals in diverse fields such as Combinatorics, Software Engineering, Multimedia Systems, and Mobile e-learning. Gianna is recognized for her dedication as an independent expert evaluator for the EU Commission in Software&Services and IT.

As the Chair of ICoRSA and Chair of Task Force 5 on EU Projects for GEDI (Gender Equity Diversity and Inclusion), Gianna has been actively involved in various researchers’ associations. She brings a wealth of experience, having served as Past President of ITWIIN and currently coordinating ITWIIN Centre-Southern Italy areas. Gianna is also a member of CREIS (Centre of European Research in Sustainable Innovation) and Donne & Scienza.

In her role as Chair of ICoRSA, Gianna Avellis is committed to strengthening affiliations and collaborations within ItalianRSA. Her focus is on enhancing support for Italian Researchers and advancing advocacy efforts. Gianna’s agenda for 2022 includes reaching out to the Italian researchers’ community, disseminating the results of ICoRSA and CAPS surveys, and effectively managing funds and resources. She aims to increase association revenue through strategic collaborations with the public and private sectors.