Directors and Executive Committee 2018

Big news 📢
ICoRSA is a partner in the upcoming #HorizonEurope project for support to changes in the assessment of research and researchers to reward the practice of #OpenScience

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See our recent paper on 'Labour market perspectives for #PhD graduates in Europe' 👉including factors affecting PhD #career opportunities & expert recommendations 🔗
By @IDegtyarova @MargauxKers @Julia__Boman
📌 #DoctoralTraining #ResearchCareer 🌍

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Board of directors:

Nomination Member type

See definitions below

Country Association Email
Gordon Dalton Type 2 (IrishRSA) Ireland IrishRSA
Silvia Vilches Type 1 Canada/ US ICoRSA/CAPS
Mohamad Nadim Adi Type 2 (CAPS) Canada CAPS
Luis Alvarez Type 1 UK/ France ICoRSA
Simge Davulcu Type 1 Cyprus ICoRSA
Rosarii Griffin Type 1 Ireland UCCRSA
Ivo Sluganovic Type 1 Croatia MLAZ
Myrtani Pieri Type 1 Cyprus ICoRSA

Executive Committee:

Position Nomination Country Association Email
Chair Gordon Dalton Ireland ICoRSA/ IrishRSA
Vice Chair Simge Davulcu Cyprus ICoRSA
Secretary Silvia Vilches Canada/ US ICoRSA/CAPS
Treasurer Viktorija Grgić Croatia MLAZ