Directors and Executive committee 2020

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Dr. Rosarii Griffin
Interim Chair

Country of residence: Ireland
Discipline: International and Comparative Education
Member from: ICORSA / UCCRSA / UCC
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Dr. Silvia Vilches
ICoRSA Junior Co-Chair

Country of residence: USA
Discipline: Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist at Auburn University
Member from: 2019
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Dr. Giovanna Avellis
ICoRSA Board Member,

MCFA Board

Simge Davulcu
ICoRSA Senior Co-Chair

Country of residence: Cyprus
Discipline: Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry
Member from: Science for Peace Initiative Cyprus
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Dr. Erna Karalija

ICorsa Treasurer

Dr. Giuseppe Resta
ICoRSA Board Member

Country of residence: Italy
Discipline: Architecture / Design
Member from: 2019
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Dr. Gordon Dalton
Past Chair


Country of residence: Italy
Discipline: Computer Science
Member from: 2009
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