12 January 2024 ICoRSA Events, News

ICoRSA Conference “Addressing Researcher Career Precarity in Portugal: perspectives from EU countries” 2024

Date: 12-13th January, 2024.

Location: Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa, Portugal

ICoRSA organised Conference on Research Precarity in Portugal

ICoRSA has organised the conference “Addressing Researcher Career Precarity in Portugal: Perspectives from EU Countries,” that took place at Instituto Técnico, Lisbon, on January 12 and 13, 2024, gathering over 100 participants from the research field. Co-organized with esteemed members ANICT and NInTec, the conference was dedicated to fostering discussions on researchers’ career frameworks and precarity in Portugal, with insightful examples drawn from experiences in Germany, Italy, and Spain. Distinguished speakers attended the event, offering valuable insights into the challenges and solutions surrounding research careers. Dr. Manuel Heitor, a Full Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico/IN+, University of Lisbon, and Chair of the high-level group for the evaluation of Horizon Europe, shared his expertise. Additionally, Dr. Luís Anjos Ferreira, Rector of the University of Lisbon, and Dr. Isabel Rocha, Vice-Rector for Research, Innovation, and Value Creation at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, contributed to the discourse. The conference was a comprehensive exploration of important topics, including the presentation of OECD reports on academic research career precarity, discussions on the European Framework for Research Careers, and an insightful roundtable on national reforms addressing precarity in Portugal. The international dimension was enriched by perspectives from Germany, Spain, and Italy. This collaborative effort underscored a commitment to advancing the dialogue on research careers and fostering a more secure and innovative future in the field.

About the Speakers

  • Dr. Cláudia Sarrico, a Policy Analyst and ReICO Project Manager at OECD, brings her expertise to the discussion on reducing precarity and promoting diverse career pathways, contributing valuable insights to address challenges in academic research careers.
  • Dario Capezzuto, a Policy Officer at DG RTD, European Commission, shares a comprehensive perspective on the European Framework for Researchers’ Careers, highlighting key policies and initiatives that shape the trajectory of researchers across Europe.
  • Dr. Gordon Dalton, SECURE Project Coordinator and PLOCAN representative, summarizes the SECURE project’s goals and outcomes, emphasizing its importance in shaping the future of research careers and fostering sustainable practices.
  • Dr. Manuel Heitor, a Full Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico/IN+ and Chair of the high-level group for the evaluation of Horizon Europe, contributes to the roundtable discussion on reforms in research careers in Portugal, sharing his extensive knowledge and insights.
  • Dr. Luís Anjos Ferreira, the Rector of Universidade de Lisboa, participates in the roundtable, providing valuable perspectives on the necessary reforms in research careers and contributing to the overall dialogue on shaping the academic landscape.
  • Dr. Isabel Rocha, Vice-Rector for Research, Innovation, and Value Creation at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, shares NOVA’s experience in research careers, enriching the discussion with practical insights and real-world examples.
  • Dr. Luísa Henriques, a Senior Advisor to the Board and Policy Analyst of Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation (FCT), engages in the roundtable discussion, bringing her expertise to the table and contributing to the ongoing conversation on research career reforms.
  • Dr. Martin Grund, from the Project Management Agency for the German Tenure-Track Programme (VDI/VDE-IT), adds a German perspective to the roundtable discussion, providing insights into the Tenure Programme Germany and contributing to the exchange of ideas.
  • Dr. Peter Boddy, representing ADOC Talent Management Agency in Spain, offers insights into talent management in research careers, providing a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities in fostering successful academic pathways.
  • Dr. Angela Agostiano, Head of the Bari division of the CNR-IPCF and ItalianRSA Board member, contributes to the roundtable discussion, sharing her expertise on researchers’ career trajectories in Italy and providing valuable input into the broader conversation on European research careers.

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