23 November 2023 News

Conference on Research Careers 2023

ICoRSA attended a significant event focused on Research & Innovation, recognizing their critical role in addressing Europe’s societal challenges. The event shed light on the pressing issue of career stability, which currently hampers the attractiveness of research careers across the continent.

With researchers playing a pivotal role in shaping Europe’s future, the European Commission, under the new European Research Area policy, is intensifying efforts to make research careers more attractive, rewarding, and stable. The event emphasized the Commission’s commitment to fostering sustainable working conditions, including stable pay and pension schemes, healthier work environments, skill development opportunities, seamless sector transitions, and modernised research management.

The discussions, slated for November 21-22, 2023, aim to delve into crucial topics that impact researchers directly. As ICoRSA recognises the significance of these initiatives and the urgency of the moment, we eagerly took part in this event to contribute to the dialogue on shaping a more promising and stable future for research careers in Europe.