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The ICoRSA RRING community gathers a worldwide community of researchers interested in science related topics and researchers’ careers.

1. Nurturing Communities

We support researchers by facilitating communication across borders and sharing best practices. We enhance the productivity and experiences of research staff and early-career researchers.

2. Global Advocacy

We provide a collective voice for research staff and postdoctoral scholars. We advocate on issues such as precarious research careers, mobility, and gender equality in international policy.

3. ICoRSA RRING Community

The ICoRSA RRING community unites researchers globally, promoting responsible research and innovation. Join us to improve research careers and drive change at national and international levels.

4. Activities and Objectives

ICoRSA organises thematic workshops, annual conferences, and collaborative projects. We focus on research and innovation, funding opportunities, global collaborations, and responsible research practices.