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#ECRs will play a key role in transitioning to #openscience.
📝 "Barriers to Full Participation in the Open Science Life Cycle among Early Career Researchers", by GYA members @TashaGownaris @KoenVermeir @DrGhumaan @RobertLepenies @sidizakariibrah et al.

📍 Do you want to become an #MCAA Board Member?
Join the ‘Ask Me Anything’ webinar on 27/01 & get to know more on the board members’ responsibilities & the operational process of the association.
Register by 27/01, before 13:00 CET

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Aalto University’s tenure track career system Link
5 tenure track assistant/associate professor positions Link

Tenure track at the University of Jyväskylä

Four-level tenure track system open to talented individuals Link
Postdoctoral researcher, associate professor or professor of computer science (tenure track) Link

Finland, Academic Career Structure


Ireland, Academic Career Structure