Membership + Outreach

We are looking forward to #WSF2019! Join us at the #OpenThematicSession #RRI&ResearchIntegrity:AcrosstheGlobeandAcrossSociety on 21 November 2019 17:00-18:30 at the Small Lecture Hall! @UNESCO @GYA @ICORSA @IIASA Department of Science & Technology @YESS @FutureEarth @WAYS

Join us at the #WorldScienceForum2019 in #Budapest at our #OpenThematicSession #ResponsibleResearchandInnovation&ResearchIntegrity:AcrosstheGlobeandAcrossSociety on 21 November 2019 17:00-18:30 at the Small Lecture Hall! @UNESCO @IIASA @YESS @GYA @WAYS @FutureEarth @ICoRSA_News

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Membership + Outreach

In this committee, ICoRSA is actively:

  • Identifying contacts in countries lacking an RSA.  These contacts may be:
  1. Researchers, either confirmed or trainees such as graduate students.
  2. Professionals such as post-doctoral researchers.
  3. Support personnel (such as the heads of institutional offices) who manages and supports researchers.
  4. Government representatives from funding agencies, or those pertaining to international affairs.
  5. Representatives of professional societies.
  6. Other stakeholders in the research community.
  • Nurturing of RSA in countries lacking a collective voice for the research community. This support can include:
    1. Invitations to AGM of countries having an RSA.
    2. Attendance of an ICORSA representative at meetings of researchers.
    3. Networking researchers in order to establish links between them and their governments, professional societies, and research institutions.
    4. Sharing of best practices from other countries.
  • Developing relationships with diaspora communities, and national and transnational companies.

Chair: Simge Davulcu,

ICoRSA Outreach strategy:

ICoRSA 3 year plans – Outreach

Euraxess Subcommittee


Luis Alvarez, chair.

Gordon Dalton, member.

Simge Davulcu, member.

David Proctor, member.