Committees Summary 2018

New @EUScienceInnov -funded report out on precarious careers in research and policy op-tions. Thanks to a great @WIFOat team and cooperation with @TechnopolisGrp and #Idea-Consult. A thread 1/42

Read this article by @Eurodoc and @DahleSebastian about the SECURE kick off meeting. The project will work on approaches to empower researchers to pursue sustainable careers both inside and outside academia.

Follow @secure_eu for more information!

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Committee Chairs Deputy Members

New members

Simge Davulcu Myrtani Pieri Myrtani Pieri

Yessica Elizondo

Gianna Avellis

Viktorija Grgić

Rosarii Griffin

Advocacy/ Brexit Luis Alvarez Marcia Costa Rosarii Griffin

Fernando Valiente-Echeverría

Research/ Surveys Silvia Vilches Evangelia Daskalakis Erna Karalija

Mohammad Nadim Adi

Evangelia Daskalakis

Samuel Sojinu Olatunbosun

Rosarii Griffin

Funding Gordon Dalton Gianna Avellis Gianna Avellis
Media Erna Karalija Simge Davulcu Simge Davulcu
Website Luis Alvarez Mohamad Mohamad Nadim Adi Ivo Sluganovic