Gender Issues

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ICoRSA is a partner in the upcoming #HorizonEurope project for support to changes in the assessment of research and researchers to reward the practice of #OpenScience

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See our recent paper on 'Labour market perspectives for #PhD graduates in Europe' 👉including factors affecting PhD #career opportunities & expert recommendations 🔗
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Global gender equality is one of UNESCO’s priority projects. Closer to home, the research community is no exception. Gender issues are still present, and more so in emerging economies. It is therefore only natural that ICoRSA gets involved. This was confirmed via discussions with UNESCO (Lidia Brito) after the World Science Forum 2013.

ICoRSA is uniquely positioned to explore this issue amongst its large network, as this topic is already debated and explored by its member constituents on a national level. ICoRSA can collate this information into an international perspective.