March 15, 2024 ICoRSA Events, News

ICoRSA Joins 2024 MCAA Annual Conference and General Assembly

Gianna Avellis Chair of ICoRSA and ITARSA (Italian Research Staff Association) participated in the Annual Conference and General Assembly of Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA). Which was celebrating 10 years of MCAA achievements.

Dr Gianna Avellis, Chair of ICoRSA & ITARSA

MCAA Certificate

Gianna was the founder in 2014 of the Women in Science Working Group of MCAA namely GEMS (Gender Equality for Mobile Researchers in Science) , currently became GEDI WG (Gender Equity Diversity and Inclusion) and did her work in exploring the Role Models of MCAA in an e-book and in a portal together with Ira Didenkulova. She attended as a speaker to several ESOF Conferences and Gender Summit Conferences exploiting the work done with GEMS WG on Role Models.

Gianna was at MCAA Conference together with Erna Karalija who were presenting the ICoRSA EU projects OPUS and SECURE at the booth of MCAA.

Our Project and Staff Manager, Dr Erna Karalija also attended the 2024 MCAA Annual Conference and General Assembly in Milan, Italy, on March 13-14.

Hosted by the University of Bicocca, the conference promised a stimulating environment for networking, knowledge exchange, and collaboration. Located in the heart of Milan, the University of Bicocca provides a modern and conducive setting for discussions and presentations. With its state-of-the-art facilities and renowned academic reputation, the university ensures a productive and enriching experience for all participants. Our project manager looks forward to immersing themselves in the conference atmosphere and leveraging this unique opportunity to connect with fellow researchers, exchange ideas, and contribute to the advancement of the H2Heat project.

Dr Karalija presented the SECURE and OPUS projects during the MCAA.

Dunja Ĺ umac on the left, Croatian Chapter MCAA. On the right, our Project and Staff Manager Dr Erna Karalija.

Our Project and Staff Manager Dr Karalija, along with interested ateendes discussing the SECURE and OPUS projects.