April 3, 2024 ICoRSA Events, News

Influencing Research policies: A Workshop by IrishRSA and ICoRSA for the Irish Research Community

On April 23, 2024 IrishRSA and ICoRSA will hold a workshop on the recent European researchers career policies and how these influence national policies, open to Irish research communities.

The workshop will be delivered Dr Luísa Henriques, expert in Research and Innovation policies and current senior advisor to the Board and policy analyst of Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation (FCT).


The responsibility for the Research and Innovation policies in Europe is shared by the European Union and the Member States. We will focus now on the role of the European Union. At this level, the European Research Area (ERA) gained recently enhanced momentum with a new policy agenda[1] that included the following cross-sector initiatives:

  • Revised definition of researcher.

  • Additional professions included in the European Framework for Research careers and research skills (European Competence Framework for Researchers).

  • The ERA Talent Platform/EURAXESS

  • The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers, and

  • The future Observatory on Research and Innovation Careers.

IrishRSA workshop influencing policies

These initiatives add concrete instruments both for local employers and national policy authorities to promote career development and offer better conditions for researchers. To further advocate and monitor the implementation of such initiatives, enhanced awareness of the ERA Policy and of the decision-making processes by the researchers is needed. Local and national Research Staff Associations offer a space for community engagement, monitorization and improved alignment between European and national representatives that is adapted to national contexts.

The session will be moderated by IrishRSA and ANICT representatives who will provide more insight on researchers’engagement. Dr Luísa Henriques, Senior advisor to the Board and policy analyst to the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation (FCT) will provide an overview of ERA policies and governance processes, showcasing the importance local initiatives to empower advocacy by researchers.