13 February 2024 News

Conference: “Exploring the Gender Gap in ICT and AI: State of the Art and Future Prospects”

The Equal Opportunities Committee (CPO) of InnovaPuglia, a regional company in the Metropolitan city of Bari, orchestrated the conference titled “Exploring the Gender Gap in ICT and AI: Current State and Future Outlook.” The event featured a lineup of speakers comprising experts in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and AI (Artificial Intelligence), alongside political leaders and individuals actively engaged in promoting equal opportunities. Notably, both men and women from the public participated. The conference served as a platform to raise awareness about gender disparities and to advocate for change. It aims to foster a community of professionals, irrespective of gender, committed to bridging the gap and promoting training and skill development initiatives in the realms of ICT and AI.

During the ICT session, EPWS President Lucia Martinelli delivered a presentation, with moderation by Gianna Avellis, President of ICoRSA and member of the Italian W20 delegation.

For further information, visit: InnovaPuglia

From the left to the right: Rosarii Griffin (Cork University and ICoRSA Board Member), Gianna Avellis (president of ICoRSA), Lucia Martinelli (president of EPWS and MUSE senior researcher) and Anna Floriello (president of the InnovaPuglia CPO).