April 2, 2024 News

Chair Gianna Avellis Represented ICoRSA at RESAVER Consortium Board Meeting, Exploring New Frontiers in EU Projects

Gianna Avellis representing ICoRSA in the Consortium Board of Directors of RESAVER, attended the Board meeting on 20.21 March 2024 of the EU project RESAVER on pension funds for mobile researchers.

The discussions addressed several issues of RESAVER and the meetings were exploring new issues, such as Updates on pension funds operations, Pension rules, Growth Plan, Update on interested organisations and upcoming events, Update on RESAVER website and intranet, Dissemination & Exploitation Plan.

Gianna was contacted by Lina Donnarumma from IIT Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia for participating as stakeholder in a EU projects NEXUS of IIT about Gender Equality Plans, and accepted the invitation.