20 September 2023 News

Survey to Improve Mental Health for Academics Across Europe

Are you a researcher working in academia? Your voice is needed in an international survey that seeks to improve the well-being and mental health of academics in Europe. The Researcher Mental Health Observatory (ReMO) is conducting this extensive study, aiming to understand the factors affecting the well-being of researchers and develop tailored interventions to enhance their mental health.

Why Should You Participate?

This survey is designed by researchers, for researchers. Its primary goal is to bring positive change to the academic world by fostering healthy and sustainable working conditions. By sharing your experiences regarding your mental health and working conditions, you can help shape policies that benefit academics like you.

Your valuable input will contribute to creating institution- and country-specific recommendations, ensuring that your unique circumstances are taken into account.

How to Participate

Participating is straightforward. You’ll complete an online survey that should take around 15 minutes. The questions cover various aspects, including mental health, work satisfaction, and your academic work, such as your weekly working hours and task distribution. Demographic questions about your age and gender are included, but all questions are optional, and you can skip any that you prefer not to answer.

Towards the end of the survey, you can voluntarily share your identifiers on platforms like ORCID, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Mastodon. This information will be stored separately from your survey responses and can help link mental health and working conditions to other aspects like research performance and social media sentiment.

Who’s Behind the Study?

This comprehensive survey is conducted under the EU Funded COST Action CA19117 “Researcher Mental Health Observatory” – ReMO. The initiative focuses on enhancing wellbeing and mental health within academia, a crucial concern for the European Research Area.

The survey’s coordination responsibility lies with TIB – Leibniz-Informationszentrum Technik und Naturwissenschaften | Universitätsbibliothek. Data will be archived by the German Center for Higher Education and Science Research (DZHW) on behalf of TIB and made available for secondary use.

Have Questions or Concerns?

Your input is vital, and your concerns matter. If you have any questions or worries at any stage of this study, please feel free to contact us at STAIRCASE-Survey@tib.eu.

This survey is open for participation for six months, so don’t miss your chance to contribute to improving the mental health of academics across Europe.

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