19 April 2023 News

Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE) welcomes ICoRSA as a new member

Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE) welcomes the International Consortium of Research Staff Organisations (ICoRSA) as a new member.

ICoRSA, in its capacity as an umbrella organisation, represents researchers and research staff associations, consisting of and representing the interests of a variety of associations and organisations that in themselves represent the interests of their members. ICoRSA represents early-stage researchers, post-docs to senior researchers. Currently, ICoRSA members include 9 member organisations and over 1000 individual researchers, including those from the RRING Community which was merged with ICoRSA in February 2022.

ICoRSA’s vision is to nurture communities of researchers by facilitating communication across borders and sharing of best practices. ICoRSA’s mission is to provide a global voice for research staff and researchers on, among others, (precarious) research careers, intersectoral and international mobility, gender equality and diversity. ICoRSA aims to advance the welfare of researchers and in particularly advance the career prospects and career development path of researchers.

ISE represents learned societies and research organisations. Today, it acts as a powerful advocate for European researchers, speaking up on many issues related to European research and innovation policies, such as the new European Research Area, Horizon Europe, Open Science, researchers’ careers, widening participation, public-private partnerships etc. Over the past few years, ISE has become a valued interlocutor for the European Commission and other EU bodies.

ICoRSA aligns with the values of ISE and sees science as a public good. ICoRSA is looking forward to being involved in the activities of ISE, particularly those on advocating in the fields of precarity, research assessment and open science. ICoRSA values the new membership of ISE for the opportunity to enhance joint initiatives and establish a wider impact in the research community in Europe.

Both ISE and ICoRSA will also benefit from mutual learning and the exchange of good practices within the network.

Professor Martin Andler, President of ISE, notes: “Having ICoRSA with us allows ISE to complete a group of multidisciplinary member organisations which are strongly involved in improving the careers and working conditions of researchers, as well as increasing the role of active researchers in the scientific advisory process – subjects at the heart of ISE. ICoRSA, which already works closely with ISE members YAE, MCAA, and Eurodoc, will bring their skills and their readiness to be engaged. Together we will be stronger in bringing the voice of researchers to European policy makers and European society.”

Professor Gordon Dalton, ICoRSA Chair, highlights the importance of being part of ISE: „ICoRSA is very excited to become a new member of ISE and collaborate on joint initiatives. The collaboration will accelerate the advancement of improved research careers, benefiting from the strengths of each of the associations, and adding together to be more effective at EU and EC level.“

You can find more about ISE and ICoRSA here:

Initiative for Science in Europe and International Consortium of Research Staff Organisations