6 February 2023 News

ICoRSA Survey on Research Career Progression

ICoRSA mission is to advance the welfare of researchers and in particularly advance the career prospects and career development path of researchers. In spite many initiatives, proposals and policies issued over the last decade or two, there’s been very little progress to improve the quality of researcher career, if anything it could be viewed as becoming more unattractive.

In order for ICoRSA to approach decision making bodies both at European level and global level, it is necessary for ICoRSA to be fully informed and provided with relevant information and data on the current status of researcher careers. ICoRSA has identified that there is an enormous gap in the knowledge of the career of researchers globally and how they vary from country to country and region to region. Some countries operate best practise in many areas, and other countries operate poorer practices. In short, there is no comprehensive global picture of the careers of researchers.

ICoRSA is ideally placed to undertake this ‘grass-roots’ survey tracking the career of researchers.

This survey is short and focused. It focuses on research careers exploring progression opportunities, if any, and precarity issues.

This survey is the second of a series of surveys that will form part of a longitudinal study that will take place over the next few years in an attempt to track the career of researchers and if they have improved or not over time.

The survey should take a maximum of ten minutes, there is a time bar to help you monitor completion progress. We really hope that you will give of your time and share your research career experience in order to assist us with this important study. Thank you in advance for your assistance in progressing this important piece of research that we hope will eventually impact positively on research career progression and policy changes.

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important to us.