8 March 2023 ICoRSA Events

ICoRSA at the MCAA Annual Conference in Cordoba: A valuable opportunity for researchers to connect, learn, and grow

ICoRSA was represented at the MCAA Annual Conference in Cordoba, held in February 2023 (23-25 Feb), which was an exciting opportunity for researchers from all over the world to come together and share their latest findings and insights. The conference offered a variety of sessions and workshops covering a range of topics, providing valuable learning opportunities for researchers at all stages of their careers.

One of the main benefits of attending the conference was the opportunity to network with fellow researchers and experts in a different fields. By meeting and connecting with other researchers, we could gain valuable insights and feedback on researchers’ trends, discover new collaboration opportunities, and even find potential job opportunities.

In addition to networking, the conference offered a range of informative sessions and workshops. These sessions covered topics such as research methodologies, data analysis techniques, and communication strategies for presenting research findings to a wider audience. By attending these sessions, researchers could gain new skills and knowledge that could improve the quality and impact of their research.

The conference offered poster sessions and oral presentations, giving researchers the chance to showcase their latest findings and receive feedback from other experts in their field.

Furthermore, attending the MCAA Annual Conference in Cordoba also helped many participants to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in their field. By hearing from other researchers and experts, we could gain new insights into emerging topics and ideas that could inform our own research agenda.

Also, ICoRSA is a partner in the OPUS project, whose representatives and ICoRSA’s partners and colleagues Gareth O’Neill (Technopolis Group), Clare Viney (Vitae), Brian Cahill (MCAA), and Sebastian Dahle (Eurodoc) held the discussion on How Can We Reward Researchers for Open Science. Around 30 participants attended the session along with many participants attending online. More about this session you can find out here.

Overall, the MCAA Annual Conference in Cordoba provided a valuable opportunity for researchers to connect, learn, and grow. By attending the conference, researchers could gain new skills and knowledge, present their organisations and work to a wider audience, and potentially find new collaboration opportunities. If you’re a researcher looking to stay at the forefront of your field, attending conferences like this one can be an essential part of your professional development.