19 July 2023 News

European Commission Adopts Comprehensive Framework to Enhance Research Careers and Mobility in the Region

The European Commission has adopted a comprehensive European framework for research careers. This framework encompasses several essential measures aimed at enhancing research opportunities and mobility within the region. The three key components of the framework are:

Council Recommendation for a New European Framework: The European Commission has proposed a Council Recommendation that establishes a fresh European framework for research careers. This recommendation lays the foundation for fostering an environment conducive to the growth and advancement of researchers throughout Europe.

Introduction of the New Charter for Researchers: Replacing the 2005 Charter and Code for Researchers, the new Charter for Researchers introduces revised principles to guide and support researchers in their careers. The updated charter reflects the evolving needs of researchers in today’s dynamic research landscape.

European Competence Framework for Researchers (ResearchComp): The Commission has unveiled the European Competence Framework for Researchers, commonly known as ResearchComp. This framework has been designed to facilitate inter-sectoral mobility for researchers, promoting their seamless transition across various research domains.

One significant aspect of the Commission’s strategy to improve research careers involves RESAVER, a crucial instrument in advancing researchers’ prospects and addressing career precarity. The Council’s proposal recommends that Member States promote participation in RESAVER’s pension fund as part of their efforts to enhance savings in defined-contribution supplementary schemes. RESAVER’s pension fund offers several advantages, such as eliminating vesting periods and asset transfer fees, making it an appealing option for researchers seeking financial security.

Furthermore, the proposal underscores the significance of continual development and expansion of RESAVER’s services and tools, further solidifying its role in supporting researchers’ well-being.

Acknowledging the collective efforts and faith in this initiative, the Commission extends its gratitude to all active Consortium members, the Pension Fund board, Aon, and other service providers involved in shaping RESAVER’s future. With RESAVER actively operating in eight EU countries, there is vast potential for substantial growth both within these nations and in new geographic regions. The Commission’s unwavering political backing, combined with the commitment of all stakeholders and ongoing restructuring efforts, will undoubtedly contribute to broadening RESAVER’s horizons and amplifying its positive impact on research careers.

The newly adopted European framework and the recognition of RESAVER’s role mark an essential step towards empowering researchers and fostering a thriving research community across Europe. As these measures take effect, the research landscape in the region is expected to witness positive transformations, providing researchers with greater opportunities and support in pursuing their career aspirations.