October 12, 2023 News

Commission Policy Support Facility on Brain Drain

EC Policy Support Facility article on brain drain addresses the factors and challenges of permanent emigration or outflow of highly skilled professionals which includes researchers, in Europe. The quality of education and limited access to research facilities is mentioned as one of the push factors of emigration, in addition to economic crises, poor governance and bad working conditions.

Eastern and southern European countries are the most affected by the brain drain, particularly Romania that faces a shortage of researchers with lowest proportion in EU27, notes the article.

Brain drain affects Research and Innovation systems, with loss of human capital, innovation gaps, reduced performance, and leads to regional socioeconomic disparities.

The article highlights some reforms implemented by the European countries, namely using national Recovery and Resilience Plans (RRPs). However, the problem requires a multi-level approach which will ultimately lead to offering competitive salaries and career prospects.

ICoRSA’s SECURE project will address sustainable Careers frameworks for Researchers.