16 October 2023 News

1st Award Ceremony of the National Open Research Data Prize 2023.

Date: Wednesday, 6th December 2023
Time: 17:30h Door opening / 18:00h Start of event
Location: Grande Société Berne (Theaterplatz 7), Bern, Switzerland

In a bid to champion open research data practices and honour innovative researchers, the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences have organised the first National Open Research Data Prize (ORD Prize). This initiative is part of the wider Action Plan “Open Research Data,” a key component of the National Strategy for Open Research Data.

The National ORD Prize’s primary mission is to commend and endorse researchers who have embraced the principles of Open Research Data (ORD) and, in turn, foster a shift towards open research methods. By sharing research data openly, this practice promotes transparency, replicability, and collaboration among scientists, ultimately allowing society to use the benefits of scientific knowledge. In the year 2023, the prize’s theme is “Reuse of Research Data.”

Save the date for this event on Wednesday, 6 December 2023. The celebration will kick off with door openings at 17:30 and the main event at 18:00, all taking place at the exquisite Grande Société in Berne, located at Theaterplatz 7.

The evening promises to be a memorable one, with Karin Frei taking the reins as the event’s moderator. Among the highlights will be the announcement of the award winners in three categories: “Gold,” “Silver,” and “Bronze.” The ceremony will also feature inspiring keynote addresses by two distinguished individuals: Prof. Dr. Frank Miedema from Utrecht University and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Toma Susi from the University of Vienna.

This event is not just about recognising exceptional research practices but also about setting the stage for a brighter future of open research data. It’s an occasion that showcases the collaboration and innovation that drive science and knowledge sharing.

Join the event at the Grande Société on 6th December for the first-ever National Open Research Data Prize ceremony, an event that celebrates the power of open research and its potential to transform the way we access and share knowledge.

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