23 November 2022 News

ICoRSA on Open Science Communication Conference – OpenSciComm 2022

ICoRSA’s representative Dragana Mitrovic will participate on the Open Science Communication Conference – OpenSciComm 2022, that will be held on November 24-25, 2022 in Belgrade, Serbia.

About the conference

In a knowledge-based society, citizens are able to make decisions based on the reliable and relevant information delivered by science. Open Science and Science Communication refers to public communication presenting science-related topics, not only among scientists, but primarily targeting all social strata. The basis is in strengthening understanding of science and increasing scientific literacy as an indispensable part of everyday life.

The OpenSciComm 2022 conference is initiated to present effective and reliable practices of science communication, to show their potential in different environments and tackling critical subjects and topics, and to facilitate the exchange of ideas and approaches among peers and practitioners. The conference will contribute to the CPN’s mission to bring together the scientific community and society at large through creative and valuable dialogue, enabling active networking and fostering public understanding of science by leveraging technology.

Science Communication refers to public communication presenting science-related topics not only among scientists but primarily targeting all social strata. The communication of science to diverse audiences and the engagement of scientists with all parts and aspects of society, including policymakers, are key factors in this process. Science Communication as an academic discipline is taught across the globe, however it isn’t yet recognised as such in the Republic of Serbia. There are no related study programmes nor thematic courses at the universities in Serbia.

Open Science is based on the principle of openness and transparency in the whole research cycle. It fosters and reinforces core academic values, such as research integrity, cooperation and knowledge sharing, while making scientific research and its dissemination accessible to all levels of society, amateur or professional. Open Science is also key to increasing public trust in science and as a means to spark interest and foster the public’s participation in research activities. As a European concept/policy it was first introduced in 2016, further strengthening and improving since. The Republic of Serbia adopted the Open Science Platform in 2018.

The OpenSciComm 2022 conference will connect complex research concepts and topics with the concepts that are familiar to the public such as climate change, artificial intelligence, cutting-edge technologies, etc. The main goal of the conference is the presentation of recent, novel and inspirational practices, exchange of ideas and approaches, and networking between international peers.

In the scope of the OpenSciComm, another one-day conference will be held at the Yugoslav Film Archive. Namely, the two H2020 projects RRI2SCALE and TeRRIFICA are organising together their joint final event on November 23, entitled “EmbeddingRRIfor smart and climate resilient European regions”, which will include presentations of both projects, interactive sessions, open roundtables, as well as inspiring talks about RRI and regional climate developments. Attendance at the conference is free of charge, but with a limited capacity. Information about the conference is available here, together with the registration form.

Open Science Communication Conference – OpenSciComm 2022
November 24-25, 2022
Yugoslav Film Archive
Belgrade, Serbia
Working language: English

Source: Center for the Promotion of Science