4 October 2022 News

ICoRSA has signed the Manifesto for Early Career Researchers and met with ISE

ICoRSA is amongst the early signatories of the Manifesto for Early Career Researchers published by the Initiative of Science for Europe (ISE). This important document and movement will collect broad and robust support from key stakeholders as well as researchers at all stages of their career.

The Manifesto calls for:

  • Europe-wide monitoring of young researchers’ situation
  • Improving research careers and working conditions in Research Performing Organisations (RPOs), Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) and in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
  • Enhancing research careers in the third sector, including NGOs and governmental organisations
  • Involving national funding agencies in cooperation with the European Commission.

We encourage all our members to sign the Manifesto as well! You can sign as an individual or on behalf of your organisation.

ICoRSA also met with the President of ISE, Martin Andler, and the Executive Coordinator of ISE, Monica Dietl, to discuss possible joint collaborations with the aim to support this and the next generation to engage in research.