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ICoRSA is project partner of 3 major EU-funded Horizon2020 projects.





RRING is in its final year of project implementation. ICoRSA is leading the RRING research network and is responsible for implementing a trial of the network in 2020, which will include members from research performing organizations, research funding organizations, industry, policy, international organizations and NGOs, researchers and research staff organizations as well as civil society organizations from 10 different countries.  


Under the leadership of ICoRSA a global survey was launched which was open from 1 October 2019 to 20 December 2019.

Variables covered demographic Information such as: Age; Gender; Nationality; Native Language; Level of Education & Subject of Schooling; Location of Schooling & Professional Career; Time in current position of career. Five RRING World Regions were included in the analysis (following UNESCO regions of the world): European and North American States; Latin-American and Caribbean States; Asian and Pacific States; African States; Arab States.

The survey resulted in 2198 responses with a completion rate of 70% or more; 539 responses with a completion rate of less than 70%. The average completion rate of the survey was 97%. Respondents on average took 33 minutes to complete the survey.


For more detailed information on the results and statistics of the Global Survey on Familiarity with Sustainable Development Goals - link


For more detailed information on the results and statistics of the Global Survey on socially responsible research/innovation - link


The following 5 country case studies to use the RRING tools in monitoring their country for the UNESCO Recommendation on Science and Scientific Researchers:

  • US
  • India
  • South Africa
  • Lithuania
  • Ireland or Serbia







ICoRSA participated in this year’s Annual General Meeting with all project partners, the first virtual project AGM due to the COVID-19 pandemic. ICoRSA presented and co-presented the progress on WP3 – State of the Art on RRI Action Plans and QH platforms and WP4 – Comparative analysis.






Virtual Workshop

On 17 June 2020, RRING and PRIA India together organized a virtual workshop on Responsible Research & Innovation: India and the World Today. Our Senior Research Fellow, Dr. Eric Jensen, presented the RRING project and core processes for defining RRI. If you missed the workshop, you can find the recording of the whole session on the following link:







ICoRSA is actively participating in WP3 “Statement of the Art on RRI Action Plans and quadruple helix dialogue platforms”, WP4 “Quadruple Helix engagement” and WP5 “RPO & RFO Working Groups setup, and audit and impact assessment of RRI maturity”. By the end of this year, a draft of RRI action plans to enable institutional change will be delivered. 


For more various important topics on Recommendations on Science, information on how to engage with the Quadruple Helix in steps and more visit the project website 






ICoRSA is in charge of developing the Quadruple Helix of stakeholders for the island location and for the final report on Oinnousses public and QH engagement and RRI.


First Public Engagement Workshop
with the island communities of Chios and Oinousses (14 October 2020):

Together with the assistance of ICoRSA, MUSICA project will organize the first public engagement workshop on utilizing sea-based multiple-use platform (MUP) and multiple-use of space (MUS) to reduce the frequency of blackouts and electricity shortages, provide clean drinking water and fish farming on Oinousses.

This event will be first opportunity to share MUSICA’s aims and progress to the public and inform islanders about how renewable energydesalination and aquaculture can work together on one multiple-use platform. At the same time, guided activities will give participants a forum to discuss these topics, ask questions from MUSICA leadership, present ideas and concerns.

Input from community representatives in Chios and Oinousses - along with local authority, industry and research institutions - is vital to realizing MUSICA’s ambitions to demonstrate how the needs of small islands everywhere (clean energyfreshwater, food and employment) can be addressed through renewable technology using local resources. The event’s key purpose is to build links between different stakeholders and involve local people at an early stage in the Project.

All results will be shared on the project’s website where the discussion can continue. Feedback will help create follow-on workshops that will bring these same groups together to report on MUSICA progress and provide education and training around its benefits.

For more information and registration: link





Our Emeritus Chair, Dr. Gordon Dalton, project coordinator of MUSICA, presented a project overview at the UNITED project webinar “Challenges, risks and barriers for large scale commercial roll-out of multi-use“.





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ICoRSA has actively participated in submitting the following project application under topic H2020 FETPROACT-EIC-08-2020 “Environmental Intelligence” – subtopic b: „radically novel approaches to resilient, reliable and environmentally responsible in-situ monitoring“:


Intelli-Guard will allow a more efficient and comprehensive approach to the observation of marine systems, to understand their status and the impacts of their stressors. Intelli-Guard aims to revolutionize the way the process of data acquisition is performed, it will provide automated fit-for-purpose measurement of critical variables for the earth observation communities and regulatory bodies, thus supporting a sustainable and profitable Blue Growth. The automated monitoring and real-time decision making Intelli-Guard system for marine environment will steer one or more sensors on a platform, static or mobile, following a phenomena, changing sampling frequency, activating/deactivating sensors, and will be able to send an early warning and trigger alarms in case of an undesired consequence while optimising the data acquisition process and, as a biproduct, optimize the sensors’ battery efficient duration and maintenance. All these features will be automatically provided by Intelli-Guard, without the need for active human intervention, while the system itself will be designed as a human-centric innovative AI technology. ICoRSA is supposed to lead WP5 – RRI: social impacts, stakeholders engagement and establishing of a quadruple helix platform. The Norwegian Research Centre AS (NORCE) is the project coordinator.







We are excited to share the news that the University College of Cork – Research Staff Association (UCCRSA) has become a paid member of ICoRSAWe will now support them in updating and maintaining their website and social media accounts, as well as provide them with administrative support.


If your organization is interested to also become a paid member of ICoRSA and to be provided with administrative services, you can contact us directly. We will gladly prepare a business proposal in accordance with your organization’s needs.






The UN ‘Supporting Women and Girls’ Science Education’ Conference supported by the Royal Academy of Science International Trust (RASIT)

A Report by Dr Rosarii Griffin, Acting Chair, ICORSA


Dr Rosarii Griffin attended the UN, ‘International Conference of Women and Girls in Science’, held in the UN Assembly Headquarters in New York City on the 11-12th of February 2020 in her capacity as Director of ICORSA, based at UCC. The Conference was supported by HRH Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite and Prince Zain El-Hashemite. The main focus of the conference was to focus on the policies and actions that can support and sustain female participation and progress within the sciences, especially the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as well as the Natural Sciences (including environmental sciences) and the Social Sciences.  


Dr Griffin also attended the UN conference: ‘The Drive for Five: A Global Call to Action for the Education of Adolescent Girls’ and met keynote speakers including Lead Singer of U2 and Philanthropist – Bono; Former President of Ireland & Former High Commissioner for Human Rights, Dr Mary Robinson; the Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterres; and, the Irish Ambassador to the UN and now UN Security Council, Her Excellency Geraldine Byrne Nason. Dr Griffin also had meetings with Timothy Moynihan, the Chairperson of the Global Virus Network (GVN), the Dr Robert Gallo’s foundation, the co-discoverer of the HIV & Aids virus. Dr Griffin promoted ICORSA within such fora, making interesting and strategic links there and promoting the importance of the role of researchers at this UN-supported event.







Role Models of Women in STEM
and Entrepreneurship

Our Board Member and MCAA GEDI WG and ITWIIN President, Dr. Gianna Avellis organized an online workshop on Role Models of Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship.

The Workshop tackled the issue of the need of Role Models in entrepreneurship to give examples of success stories to young women who want to start a spin-off or a start up in their field. The importance of Role Models has been underlined by Prof. Piero Formica especially in Entrepreneurship as good way for experimenting and learning the entrepreneurship .We introduced in this Workshop the Role Models from a variety of associations such as MCAA, GEDI WG, CNR, and ITWIIN: they are Role Models of women who choose their career in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) and Entrepreneurship and express their passion for science and enterprise.

Examples of role models from MCAA and ITWIIN have been highlighted from both research and entrepreneurship, as well as the Role Models portal developed in the framework of HUMBOLDT ALUMNI , which provides access to Role Models e-books of MCAA and the Role Models database for mentoring young women scientists and future generations.






ICoRSA Directors and Executive Committee

Dr. Mohamad Nadim Adi, ICoRSA Board Member for years and elected Chair of ICoRSA (2019), had to resign from both positions due to personal reasons. We would like to thank him for his time and hard work for ICoRSA as well as his effort in forwarding the ICoRSA vision and mission locally, nationally and internationally. We wish him the very best for his future career!

Until our next AGM in autumn this year, Dr. Rosarii Griffin will be our acting interim Chair.





ICoRSA Publications


Eric Jensen

Senior Research Fellow and Director of Policy Research Unit at ICoRSA

"Evidence-Based Science Communication in the COVID-19 Era" 

Frontiers in Communication journal - link

„For science communication to be effective it should be evidence based“

LSE impact blog - link




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