Events 2017

‼️Great news‼️
ICoRSA is officially a member of the #RESAVER Consortium with the possibility to contribute to the mobility of #researchers!
RESAVER is a multi-employer occupational pension solution for research organisations in Europe and their employees.

Yesterday marked our 3rd and final AGM day!
We would like to thank Dr. Silvia Vilches for her time, hard work and wisdom as ICoRSA Board Director and her dedication to the ICoRSA mission and vision! We will truly miss her and wish nothing but the best for her future career!

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This committee is actively:

  • Creating an abstract for the National Postdoc Association of the USA 2017 form.
  • Preparing two sessions for the World Science Form in Jordon, November 2017.
  • Cooperating with IAP,TWAS,GYA,WAYS.

Chair: Silvia Vilches.