Talking about science diplomacy:

Gary S. McDowell &al., Journal of Postdoctoral Research. September 2014: 57–64: The Future of Research Symposium Facilitating Postdoctoral Involvement in the Future of Science

Jobs outside academia, after a PhD. Are you well prepared? Science Europe Workshop report on Inter-sectoral Mobility

PhD crisis: Is restructuring the PhD training the solution?  Gould J., Nature. December 2015, Vol258: 22-25: How to build a better PhD

Passion, dedication and determination; or how to build your scientific career: Dundee study on career progression paths case studies

Career development

Mass production of PhD training compromises graduate quality:
A duty of care Doran & Lott Trends BiochemSci 2013

Academic Careers Observatory from the European University Institute
Links in the right hand side link to career structures in different countries:
Academic Careers Observatory

There is a growing number of postdocs and few places in academia for them to go. But change could be on the way.:
The future of the postdoc

Nature readers favour creating more secure jobs to fix science’s broken postdoctoral system:
Wanted: staff-scientist positions for postdocs

Scientists starting labs say that they are under historically high pressure to publish, secure funding and earn permanent positions — leaving precious little time for actual research.
Young, talented and fed-up –scientist tell their stories

Young researchers are having to fight harder than past generations for a smaller share of the academic pie.
Under pressure

Three advocates explain how their groups are trying to improve junior researchers’ experiences:
Agents of change

To avoid throwing talent on the scrap heap and to boost prospects, a new type of scientific post for researchers is needed:
Give postdocs a career, not empty promises

Research careers in Europe – Final Report. Prepared by: PPMI Group (Lithuania) in cooperation with CARSA (Spain) and INOVA+ (Portugal)
Research careers in Europe

Postdoctoral Funding Schemes in Europe – Survey Report by: Science Europe:
Postdoctoral Funding Schemes in Europe

Shaping the Future of Research: a perspective from junior scientists, by: F1000Research:
Shaping the Future of Research: a perspective from junior scientists

A special issue explores how the research enterprise keeps early-career scientists from pursuing the most important work, and what can be done to help:
The plight of young sciencist

Towards a European framework for research careers by: European Commission – Directorate General for Research & Innovation
Towards a European framework for research careers

No successful postdoc has ever commuted!:
Why not have a life?

No successful postdoc has ever commuted!:
Why not have a life?

Gender equality

Gender balance: Supporting women postdocs in Israel:

The number of invited women speakers at scientific meetings is much less than their proportion in a field:
Invisible Woman?

A snapshot of insecure contracts and institutional attitudes:
Precarious work in higher education

The proper balance between fixed-term employment and permanent
positions has yet to be determined:
Uncertainly of short-term contracts is turning talent away from science


Changes to support for early career researchers:
Early career researchers

Funding to pursue fresh research ideas and gain early independence; sustainable and transparent career trajectories; a diverse, collaborative, and ethical research environment; and a healthy work-life balance—these are all part of a wish list that a group of young scientists discussed with European policymakers last month:
Young European researchers set groundwork for policy changes

Researcher mobility

Scientists' personal life and career could suffer, should the challenges connected with living out-of-a suitcase become too high:
Does mobility boost early scientific careers?

Diaspora and Home Country Advantage:
Migrant Scientists and International Networks