With this project, ICoRSA aims to provide a platform for discussion about international as well as regional and national science policy issues among young researchers, policy makers, research administrators and other stakeholders. The main goal is to enable an exchange of ideas in the form of debates, meetings and workshops, and to provide evidence-based recommendations for promoting sustainable careers for young scientists within and outside academia.

Thus far, ICoRSA has been exchanging ideas with the European Network of Research Careers (ENRC), an initiative from the German Research Foundation that together with many other research foundations from Europe aim to address issues affecting early career scientists from a top-down approach. The ENRC members meet twice a year to learn (re-)emergent topics affecting young professionals as well as present updates regarding new initiatives and policy actions undertaken in their respective member states. In this manner, ICoRSA can inform other research staff associations about the latest developments in policy issues affecting European early career scientists.

ICoRSA has been also active together with the World Association of Young Scientists (WAYS) enabling dialogues between young scientists and policy makers at an international level by participating at the World Science Forum, the “Davos of science” that brings together researchers, policy makers, representatives from the industry, civil society and media to discuss and address common worldwide challenges from a scientific perspective.