February 1, 2020 News

General Office administration

General Office administration
ICoRSA network seeks person for general office administration

Position Summary

Institute Background:

Researchers are a highly mobile part of the global research enterprise.  Policy concerning research careers is determined internationally through a variety of global organisations. At present, there is no consistent voice representing research staff and postdoctoral scholars in international policy.

The International Consortium of Research Staff Associations (ICoRSA) will provide this collective voice, advocate on behalf of research staff and postdoctoral scholars, and inform international research policy.

The mission of ICoRSA is to expand its network among existing researcher associations, but more importantly to sow the seeds of formation of new associations in countries where RSA do not yet exist. In the emerging economies in particular, ICoRSA aims to play an ambassadorial role in developing new RSA and promoting research in general.

As a transnational membership driven organization, ICoRSA are uniquely positioned to draw on and define best practices from across the globe and to use these insights to leverage change at a national and international level :

  • Network researchers from across the globe;
  • Gather evidence on the structure of research careers globally;
  • Produce expert analyses on best practice;
  • Engage in globally informed advocacy;
  • Serve as research career ambassadors;
  • Empower research associations and researchers on:

o               International Gender issues;

o               International Mobility issues;

o               International Pension issues. ,


ICoRSA currently are lead partners in 3 EU H2020 projects

  1. MUSICA: Multiple Use of Space for Clean Island Autonomy; EU contribution €9million; UCC award €3.1M; 5-year period, start January 2020. The project will build, install and monitor a pilot demonstration floating platform which will provide all the electricity and fresh water to a small Greek island of 800 persons, and all services for an aquaculture farm.
  2. RRING project under the SwafS14 (rring.eu ): `Responsible Research and Innovation network globally’. Commenced May 2018. 3-year RIA, €3M, UCC award €0.86M with 22 partners, 18 countries, 6 subcontractors. UNESCO is the lead partner. The project will align RRI with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the second goal will be to create a global stakeholder community in RRI.

GRRIP project: www.grrip.eu  Grounding Responsible Research and Innovation in RPO; Commenced in Jan 2019; 4 year CSA, €1.5M, UCC award €0.34M, with 12 partners. The project will embed RRI into the governance frameworks of 5 Marine and Maritime institutions, including MaREI.

Terms of employment and Salary:

€20,000 per annum pro rate for 40% FTE (Total of €8000 a year: for 2 days a week)

One year contract, 6 months probation

Remote/ teleworking is normal ICoRSA practice, and this is being applied to the present contract.

All taxes should be paid by the candidate according to the law in the appropriate Country (this means that the employer side of national insurance or equivalent must be paid out of the gross monthly amount noted above, resulting in a take home pay that is lower for the Employee)

Position summary

Required duties will be:

  • Organise meetings for directors’ meetings including preparation of agendas and minutes.
  • Oversee the development of a project website, and populate its content, and maintain.
  • Oversee the development of promotional activities.
  • Prepare articles,. Press release, radio, television
  • Manage projects Twitter and other associated social media accounts
  • Work with directors to organise events and workshops.
  • Liaise with current partners, members and associations on regular basis.
  • Canvas for new partners and members.
  • Assist directors and committees in proposal writing
  • Work with directors to organise events and workshops.
  • Assist in ICoRSA risk mitigation.
  • Work with the directors to prepare the project plan, and update as required.
  • Work with staff in Brussels office and assist where necesary


  • A graduate qualification in a field of discipline relevant to the area of investigation i.e. BSc or MSc.
  • Experience in project management
  • Experience in H2020 projects,
  • Good report writing and presentation skills
  • Good analytical skills and computer skills.
  • An ability to work independently to a tight schedule.
  • Capability of working effectively within a team to achieve results.
  • Evidence of excellent organisational and communication skills.
  • High levels of initiative are encouraged.
  • Please note that Garda vetting and international police clearance check may form part of the selection process.

For Informal Enquiries on the post candidates should contact:

Name: Nadim Adi
Title:  Dr
Email Address: mnadeemadi [@] hotmail.com

To Apply:

Please submit a:

  1. Short cover letter, detailing how your job experience matches the job specifications
  2. V. to Nadim Adi mnadeemadi [@] hotmail.com  on or before the closing date of 28th February 2020.

Supplementary Information on the Department/Research Centre and the post is available at the following URL: