ICoRSA AGM Press Release

The official launch of the International Consortium of Research Staff associations (ICORSA) will be held at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Birmingham, UK on 6 & 7 November 2013. ICORSA is comprised of national and international associations that represent researchers, and provides the global research community with a collective voice in research policy. A Memorandum & Articles of Association will be signed at the event, officially registering ICoRSA as a non-profit organization based in Ireland. ICORSA was established at Euroscience Open Forum 2012 in Dublin, and included participation from policy makers representing UNESCO, the European Science Foundation, and the European Commission.

The 2013 members of the ICORSA steering committee are:

  • Gordon Dalton, ICORSA Chair and Irish Research Staff Association
  • Chris Thomson, ICORSA Vice-Chair and UK Research Staff Association
  • Carlos G. Acevedo-Rocha, World Association of Young Scientists (WAYS)
  • Andrew Dellis, South African Research Staff Association
  • David Finger, National Postdoctoral Association (US)
  • Miguel Jorge, National Association of Science and Technology Researchers - ANICT (Portugal)
  • Ellen Pearce, Vitae (UK)
  • David Proctor

Other participating members include the Association Nationale des Docteurs (France), Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars, and the World Federation of Scientific Workers.

Since July 2012, ICORSA has participated and contributed to the following events:

  • European Intersectoral Summit on Research and Innovation (Dublin) * Irish Presidency Forum on Research Careers (Dublin)
  •  European Science Foundation - Developing Research Careers In and Beyond Europe (Oslo)
  • European Network on Research careers (Brussels)
  • EURAXESS Conference - Raising Researchers' Voices (Brussels) * Lithuanian Presidency Conference - Invest in Researchers (Vilnius)

Upcoming events include:

  • Vitae Research Staff Conference: Inspired Futures (Birmingham)
  • World Science Forum (Rio de Janeiro)

ICORSA seeks to enhance research outcomes through the development of researcher communities worldwide, to inform international research policy, and to build a shared repository of effective and fair researcher working practices. ICORSA envisions a global community of internationally networked researchers, where researchers establish a collective voice to influence international policy so as to enhance research outcomes and ensure that researchers' contributions are recognised and fairly rewarded through sustainable careers. At the ICoRSA Annual General Meeting, Iain Cameron, Head of Research Careers for Research Councils UK, will be present during the signing of the Memorandum & Articles of Association.

Contact: Dr Gordon Dalton: Chair ICoRSA, g.dalton@ucc.ie +353214250028